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At "refresh" we want to help inspire, identify, and bring to life a few key interior essentials. Whether it is a complete room-by-room redesign or a quick fix, the result will be a space inspired with undone style and timeless elegance that will make you excited to come home, recharge, and begin each day anew.

We Can We Do For You?

  • Individual Room Make Overs
  • Complete Interior Re-Designs
  • Color Consultation & Furnishing Selection
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Staging (Showrooms, Events, Real Estate Properties)

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Our redesign team loves a challenge, so contact us and let us know how we may assist you.

Living Beautifully,
Lynn & Erica

"More than any other place, your home should help you feel like your truest self. If your own home can't make you feel gorgeous, what place will? It is one thing to have a beautiful home and another to live in a home that makes you feel beautiful. If you wake up surrounded by beauty, you will carry that feeling of joy and confidence all day long."
- Sophie Donelson




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